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Say your home or apartment is flooded from a pipe burst. Or after a long day of work you come home to a broken lock, your home has been turn upside down. Your hard earning valuables are now missing. Maybe your unit catches a fire.

The unimaginable question - What now?   

You may think your possessions aren't very valuable, but replacing them all at once can be very expensive.

Your rental home has an insurance policy by your landlord, but the landlord's policy covers the structure of your building only. If you're renting a house, an apartment, or a condo, a renters policy provides added protection and "Peace of Mind" for your personal property.

A Renter's policy is affordable and could cost as low as $12 a month which makes sense to insure your personal belongings from electronics, clothes, furniture, silverwares, jewelry. Even if you have taken your belongings with you away from home, it could be cover too.

A Renter's policy not just cover your belongings, but helps protect you from liability claims resulting from accidental injuries to others.


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