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Simple, Convenient, Affordable   

One Insurance Policy Covers Your Personal Use and Rideshare


Do you have that entrepreneurial spirit or just wanting to make an extra few bucks monthly? Then you want to avoid a large gap in coverage. Rideshare endorsement coverage is unique for you to spend less time worrying and more time driving.  No need to have two policies, personal and commercial; when there's no saving, but only to be costly and confusing. 

You need only "One" insurance policy covering you for personal use and will also help provide the secondary endorsement protection you need for -

Period 1 (e.g. app is turned on)  Period 2 (e.g. ride has been accepted), Period 3 (e.g. ends once ride exits vehicle)

With a single policy, ridesharing coverage is offered at rates typically much lower and affordable than commercial rates. 

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Please note that the above is meant as general description to understand the type of coverage. These description do not refer as coverage in your policy.

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